Year 2013

Activity report-2013,ZTCC Mumbai


11th Jan.2013- Awareness Talk by Dr. Patwardhan at The Byramjee Jeejibhai College of Commerce Around 100 college students, pamphlets and donor cards given. The Wilson college group had organized this talk under their college project. They also made small films for promoting organ donation.

17th Jan.2013-Awareness talk at the dignity foundation branch of Chembur was given by Mrs. Ashtekar. Around 30 members were present.

20th Jan.2013-Awreness talk at ‘Somvanshi Kshtriya Samaj Mahila Sammelan ‘at Dahisar wasgiven by Mrs. Ashtekar. It was the gathering of around 1000 ladies

26th Jan2013- Stall and talk at organ donation  Vijay Nagri, Phase-6, Thane-w. On the occasion of Republic day blood and organ donation drive was organized by Voice of people group. Around 200 pamphlets were distributed. Mr. Prakash Saindane, Mrs. Ashtekar and Mrs. Urmila Mahajan from Jaslok   represented ZTCC.

26th Jan. 2013-  Lion’s Group  at their Regional Conference at Goregaon kept a key note address on organ donation. Mrs. Ashtekar shared the information to the gathering of 500 people.

27th Jan 2013– At KDO Mela organize dby Jain Sama at Nahur. Bahena the member organization of ZTCC   invited Mrs. Ashtekar to speak on organ donation. Only 20 people wre present at the talk but around 4500 pa,phlets weRE distributed by BAHENA.

 3rd Feb. 2013- Mrs. Ashtekar, was invited to give talk on organ donation at Brahmand Society, phase-6 on there annual Gathering.  Around 500  pamphlets were distributed.

8th  and 9th Feb. 2013-Stall at Ahura Center, to create awareness on organ donation.  Snehbandhan Trust also joined ZTCC. Mrs. Ashtekar, Mr. Prakash Saindane were at the stall.

8th Feb. 2013- Mrs. Sujata Ashtekar gave awareness talk on organ donation at Dignity Foundation Dadar . Around 35 members   of Dignity Foundation were present. The talk was well appreciated.

13TH Feb. 2013- Stall on organ donation at Indiabull finance office   , at the blood donation drive. Around  200 pamphlets were distributed   and —– donor cards were signed.

13th Feb. 2013-The transplant coordinator’s training programme organized in Nagpur, Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, conducted session on the functions of ZTCC.

13 th Feb.2011- Awareness Talk at Maghi Ganesh Utsav, Girgaon, by Mrs. Sujata Ashtekar. Volunteer Mr. Bapu Patwardhan co-ordinated the talk.

14th Feb. 2013- Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, conducted session on Deceased Donor organ transplantation for Critical Care Nursing Staff of Holy Spirit Hospital.

24th Feb. 2013- At the annual camp organized by Paropkar Trust, The ZTCC put up a stall on organ donation, at Lokhandawala  Complex, Kandivali[E]. Around 400 pamphlets and 80 donor cards were distributed .Mr. Prakash, and Ms. Alisha Desai representated ZTCC.

25th Feb. 2013- Dr. Sujata Patwardhan delivered lecture on organ donation for Ms Gen. Surgery students in MLT Hall on organ donation.

26th Feb. 2013- To share about the functions of ZTCC, Dr. Sujata   Patwardhan was invited to Delhi by The Govt. of India, by   Society of Organ Transplants.

5th March 2013- Talk on organ donation at SEBI office [Securities and Exchange Board of India] Badra Kurla Complex by Mrs. Sujata Ashtekar. The SEBI office has ‘Shakti’ womens   group which co-ordinated to promote organ donation in SEBI office with the help of ZTCC. The soft copy of the information pamphlet was forwarded to employees.

16th March   2012- Mrs. Sujata Ashtekar was invited to give talk on organ donation for morning walkers and laughter club members at  Kandivali ,Thakur complex. The programme was also attended by nearby Indian Oversees Bank employees.

28th March 2013- Every year the ZTCC organizes Deceased Donor Family Felicitation on the occasion of Maharashtra Organ Donation Day. This year the felicitation programme was held at MLT Hall, KEM Hospital, Parel . At 11.30 am. Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, the General Secretary ZTCC gave welcome speech and anchored the proceedings..  From 28TH March 2012 to 27 th March 2013 there were 29 deceased donors in the city. The 18 Deceased Donor Families were present on the day and were felicitated. The team members from ten hospitals who have motivated Deceased Donors were also felicitated. Media plays important role in promotion organ donation, a panel discussion was held where Mr. Sandeep Acharya from Loksatta, Ms. Matathy Iyer from Times of India and Mr. Santosh Andhale from DNA   Newspaper shared their views on the role of the media. Dr. G.B. Daver, the president ZTCC shared conclusive views on the role of the media. The media personnel were also felicitated. Dr. Shubhangi Parkar, The Academic Dean of the KEM hospital, Dr. Kempi Patil ,  Asst. Director DHS, , Dr. Arun Shettye, The Medical Director Hiranandani, Dr. Kripalani ,Dr. S.K. Mathur, were the dignitaries present.

Dr. Jatin Kothari , Jt. Secretary ZTCC shared about the Hospital wise data on donations. Dr. Shrirang Bichu and Dr. Sanjay Nagral shared about the donor families. It was the emotional moment for all those who were present when the donor family shared their feelings and their views.

The   organizations and individuals who co-ordinated   with the ZTCC to promote organ donations were also felicitated.

The Mumbai Port Trust group presented a role play on organ donation which was appreciated by all.

The program ended with the vote of thanks given by the Jt. Secretary ZTCC. Dr. Nagral.

31ST March 2013- Mrs. Ashtekar was invited to give talk on organ donation at Goregaon Gymkhana for the gathering organized by ‘Rajhans Trust’. Around 300 people attended the talk. The pamphlets and donor cards were distributed.

12th April 2013-The stall on organ donation was put up at ‘swami Jayanti Utsav’ organized by  Snehbandhan Trust. Mrs. Ashtekar spoke on organ donation. Snehbandhan Trust had also invited MTNL group to present play on organ donation. Mr. Prakash Saindane from ZTCC distributed pamphlets and donor cards.

19th April 2013- Apanalaya Trust and Bombay Hospital , In co-ordination with  ZTCC organized an awareness and sensitization progeramme on deceased Donor Transplantation at S.P.Jain Hall in Bombay Hospital. There were 200  members present. The Hospital Heads, Administrators, Doctors , Co-ordinators , Transaplant team members  , representatives from  NGOS were present.               Founder Member of Apanalya Trust Mrs. Satvashila Chavan , wife of  Honble  Shri. Prithviraj Chavan addressed the gathering telephonically. Mr. Vinay Kumar Awate, Dr. G.B. Daver, Dr. Avinash Supe, Dr. Sujata Patwardhan, Dr.Ashok Kripalani were the dignitaries present. Dr. Bichu spoke on the importance of Deceased Donation, Dr. Kusrav Bajan spoke on the practical problems in diagnosing and declaring brain death, Dr. Patwardhan spoke on working of ZTCC-Its progress and hurdles. Dr. Nagral spoke on comparison of Chennai program with Mumbai,Dr. Jatin Kothari spoke on NTORC boosting, Dr. V. Billa spoke on swap transplant registry ,Dr. kemmpi Patil presented Govt. View point, Mrs. Ashtekar presented views of the counselor, Mr. Vinay kumar Awate from Premalya Trust spoke on taking the initiative forward. Dr. Umesh Oza, Mr. Santosh Andale from DNA , Dr. Daver , Mr. Awate and Dr. Kripalni were the panelist for the panel discussion.  Dr. Patwardhan, Dr. Bichu moderated the panel discussion.

23rd April2013- Sarvajanik  Utsav Sameeti Ghatkopar had organized an awareness session for the youth of their colony. The organization works to motivate and guide the youths. ZTCC had been called for awareness about organ donation. Prakash Saindane had coordinate the program and had called to Sujata Nadar (Globle hosp), Anirudha Kulkarni (Jupiter hosp), Santosh Sorate ( Hiranandani) and Nilesh Kamble (Fortis hosp). All members give talks for 15 to 20 min each and did interaction with the group for 40 min

13th May 2013- Awareness talk on organ donation at Kalangar, Bandra to group of 35 members . by Mrs. Ashtekar. The donor cards and pamphlets were also distributed.

8TH June2013-   Orientation Session on Deceased Donor Transplant was organized in co-ordination   with Asian Heart Institue for the ICU and para-medical staff.  Dr. Bhavesh vora ,  Nephrologist AHI conducted the  session. Dr. Jatin Kothari  Joint Secretary ZTCC gave an overview on Decesaed Donor Transplantation. Dr.Sunil Tandel, Neurologist AHI spoke on brain death, Mrs. Ashtekar spoke on the role of the co-ordinator.Ms. Kank Latha , Transpalnt co-ordinator AHI co-ordinated from AHI for the session.The session was attended by around 50 Medical and para-medical staff of AHI.